It has been two days since the first 2016 presidential debate happened, and it’s still too early to decide who between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won. However, everyone who watched the debate would know the crazy things that Trump said. These have gone viral, especially in social media platforms and most especially on Twitter.

Trump is known to be someone who doesn’t care what he says, although sometimes he denies most of them, especially the famous ones.

Here are the some of goofiest things this candidate for president said during the presidential debate. 

  1. “That makes me smart.” – Donald Trump responding to a charge that he has been paying zero income tax since the early 90s.

Trump admits that he doesn’t pay taxes and he’s been under federal investigation by the IRS for over a decade. Twitter users went mad when Trump said this. They also called him a freeloader based on the fact that he doesn’t pay any tax, and definitely not smart.

  1. “It was a very anti-police judge.”

Trump is denying that stop-and-frisk had been deemed unconstitutional in federal court.


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Speaking of having better temperament, Donald Trump said this in a pretty loud voice. After saying this, the audiences really laughed at him.

  1. “I was going to say something so mean, so nasty, but I decided not to.” – Donald Trump, in response to Hillary bringing up his Birtherism

Donald Trump received pretty much a lot of tweets and comments when he said this, giving him the nobility award.

  1. “I will bring back jobs.  You can’t bring back jobs.” “That’s about all you’ve got.”

 Trump is saying that with this, he’s more capable of being the president because he could bring back jobs while Clinton can only write a book, referring to her book ‘We Are Stronger Together’.


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