Canadians fear Donald Trump may become the next US president. A recent poll reveals the majority of Canadian voters hate the Republican candidate.

The poll results come as Trump secures his first victory of this election season. New Hampshire primaries turned out to be huge for the real estate mogul, who suffered a shocking defeat in Iowa caucuses.

Nearly three-quarters of Canadian voters say they have a bad feeling about Trump. 65 percent Canadians are concerned that he may end up at the White House. However, when asked about the possibilities of Trump winning the presidential election, only 19 percent believe he has a real chance.

Trump is known for his controversial statements. He has previously claimed to ban Muslims from entering the United States. He has also talked about closing the Mexican border to control migrant crisis.

While 70 percent Canadians have a bad opinion about Trump, 55 percent of them believe Hillary Clinton is going to be the next US president. If elected, she will become the first woman to be so.

Her hopes of winning the Democratic nomination met with a hurdle, as she failed to win the New Hampshire primaries. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders beat her emphatically. Sanders is also a popular choice for the Canadians, with 11 percent want the 74-year-old at the helm.

However, according to the poll, the majority of Canadians do not know what Sanders is. 33 percent say they don’t know Sanders while only four percent don’t know about Clinton and Trump.

While most Canadians support Clinton, the percentage is way lower than what it was for Barack Obama. In 2012, 80 percent Canadians wanted Obama to be the US president, Le Journal de Montreal reported.

When asked who will become the next US president, Canadians seem to be heavily influenced by Clinton. With Trump and Sanders getting the next two spots. Other US presidential candidates like Ted Cruz (4 percent), Jeb Bush (3 percent) and Marco Rubio (2 percent) fall far behind.

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