It has long been confirmed that Seth Rogen would be one of the executive producers for the new AMC show, “Preacher.” But was he secretly the lead actor for the series all along? Did the leaked pilot reveal the truth?

According to Collider, the “leaked” pilot was not an actual episode of the show. It was only a trailer parody done by Rogen ahead of the show’s actual premiere this weekend. What made “The Interview” actor try to lampoon his own show? “Seth Rogen wasn’t satisfied with just being executive producer and director of the new AMC original series, Preacher. He also wanted to be the star,” the clip’s title card read. The fake trailer showed Rogen as he took on all of the show’s lead characters.

Meanwhile, The Verge said the show’s real first season seems to have started “too safe and too slow.” AMC earlier gave a handful of news sites copies of the show’s first four episodes. However, the critic from The Verge did not enjoy it too much. “The opening momentum slows with every subsequent instalment,” their review read.

However, not all reviewers thought the show was “too safe,” though. In their review, Variety hailed the show as “the TV adaptation [the comic series] deserves…Those tuning in are likely to be won over by its bawdy humour and fascinated by the crisp, frenetic choreography during the premiere’s numerous fight scenes.”

The AMC series will be adapted from the 90s comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. It will follow a preacher, Rev. Jesse Custer, as he tries to literally find God who has gone missing.

The actual pilot episode of “Preacher” is set to debut on AMC this coming May 22nd. In the meantime, you can check out the “Preacher” parody Seth Rogen did below.