Possible debris of flight MH370 found by a family in Mozambique will be brought to Australia for further inspection by aviation groups.

Eyewitness News reports that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will make the transfer after it has been alerted for possible debris of the missing MH370 flight over a week ago. The debris was found by a family in Wartburg on the coast of Mozambique, South Africa while on vacation.

According to Malaysian Digest, a South African teenager named Liam Lotter alerted the South Africa’s East Coast Radio Newswatch on Thursday about a “shiny” and “curvy” piece of metal with “holes on the side” and a “serial number” that his family found in December last year. Lotter said they brought the debris back to South Africa when they realized it might belong to MH370.

“We are arranging for collection of the part, which will then be sent to Australia as they are the ones appointed by Malaysia to identify parts found,” said a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) spokesperson, Kabelo Ledwaba, as reported by Reuters.

According to aviation authorities, the debris found is consistent with MH370 modelling. But confirmation has yet to be established if the debris truly belongs to the missing plane.

Reuters also reported that the chunk of metal found by Lotter will be tested with the help of Malaysian authorities and representatives of manufacturer Boeing Co.

On March 8, the world saw both hope and despair for the second year since the MH370 went missing en route Beijing.  Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 passengers and crew on board, and is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean. Australian search authorities said they’re on their last stage of exploration before they can close the case for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane especially when finding clues about its disappearance has become extremely challenging.