International beauty queen and former Miss Australia Felicia Djamirze has claimed that her face has been spoiled by the police’s grenade attack during a Hervey Bay drug raid.

Djamirze, 28, also said that she could have lost her eyesight due to the grenade explosion on her face. When the police raided the area, she was in bed with her reported boyfriend and Rebels associate Dean Grant O’Donnell, 35. She said that the grenade explosion in her Susan River home in Queensland gave her third degree burns, a “partially melted hand” along with a threat of losing eyesight on the right eye. She said she had undergone two operations after the incident and remained in the hospital on Monday night.

According to the Courier-Mail, detectives found two kilogrammes of drug ice along with a loaded gun and a shotgun near the property last week. Both the former Miss Australia and her alleged boyfriend were charged over drug abuse but Djamirze denied the allegations.

The lawyer of former Miss Australia, Chris Ford, blamed police for not taking proper care of his client’s injuries. She had to wait for 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. He described the police as “both excessive and negligent” as far as utilising their force was concerned.

“This was not a siege situation, or a situation where police were chasing an armed fugitive. There was no imminent threat and the police had the advantage of surprise,” he said as quoted by Yahoo News. “The police rode in like cowboys (and) nearly killed my client. There should be a full independent investigation.”

Along with the celebrity and her boyfriend, one more was charged for drug trafficking in that area. Police conducted the raid in collaboration with the Special Emergency Response Team, keeping in mind the safety concerns. A police spokeswoman said she could not give any comment on the “operational tactics” followed for raids but she specified that there were multiple raids conducted under Operation North Airsander to catch people involved in ice trafficking.