Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version is here. Below is a short guideline which will help you learn more about the version. From playing the games to the list of Pokémons, everything you need to know is defined below.

The Guide and the First Fight:

At the beginning of Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version, the user picks up a Greninja from his mailbox and heads towards City Hall with his mom.  There, he will be introduced to Hau, a local of Hau’oli who is going to guide the user around the island.

As soon as the user and Hau leave City Hall to begin exploring, they bump into a pair of Team Skull Grunts. This is the demo’s first combat. Here, you need to use Greninja and witness the updated user interface and battle system of Pokémon Sun and Moon.  If the opposing Yungoos is dispatched, the two Grunts will escape. However, they will reappear later with their sister.

Now Hau will ask the user to meet him at the Pokémon Center, up the road, where the user will receive a Super Potion.

The Trainer:

Once the user is done with Pokémon Center, Hau introduces him to Professor Kukui. He is going to train you to fight Team Skull as it will be reappearing later on in the game. The guru agrees and instructs the trainee to meet him at Ten Carat Hill. N.B.  The hill is located up the road and to the right from the Center. On the way to the top of the hill, Kukui will ask the user to head to towards the cave at the end of the path. There, the user has to fight a few wild Pokémon in tall grass.

The Training:

Inside the cave, Kukui will enlighten the user about the trial. The trail involves taking photographs of four Pokémon in the cave — two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o. The trainer hands over a Poke Finder to make things easier for the user. Meanwhile, do not ignore his warnings. Pokémon will attack when it can sense trouble. Kukui will also hand over his Pikachu. This amazing creature will help the user fight any bad Pokémon.

Encountering the four Pokémons:

Run through the cave, click on the first three pictures and fight two Jangmo-o and one Hakamo-o. Once you beat them, the fourth Pokémon- Totem Hakamo-o will emerge at the back of the cave. This is the biggest and strongest in the lot. Again, use Greninja and thrash the fourth one. The trail is over!

There is more to the Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version.

After Kukui rewards the user with a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal, Hau returns with Team Skull and their “big sister” Admin Plumeria on his tail. The user has to use the Z-Ring to  unleash Pikachu’s Z-Move, Gigavolt Havoc, on Plumeria’s Golbat for a one-hit KO.

Congratulations! Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version is over!

In case you would like to learn all the demo’s secrets, simply jump back in and start exploring.

There, you will locate yourself at the Pokémon Center, where the professor will give you a Ride Pager that you can use to call on a Tauros to ride around the city. The following can be accomplished post-completion:

  1. Head towards Ten Carat Hill. Jump on your Tauros and rush through the rocks to the right of the entrance. Here you’ll discover some patches of grass and a man who runs the Pokémon Catching Challenge. He’ll hand you a bunch of Poke Balls, some Heal Balls and a Great Ball and ask you to catch as many Pokémon as you can. If you catch at least three, he’ll reward you with a Nugget, which you can transfer to the full game.
  2. Back in Ten Carat Hill, a couple of new trainers will have arrived along with the youngster which you probably crushed on your way to the cave the first time around. Beat all three and Ace Trainer Sheri (located near the entrance of Ten Carat Hill) will allow you to fight her. Defeat her and you’ll receive a Star Piece.
  3. Finally, go back to Hau’oli and run all the way down the road with the Pokémon Center on it. At the end of the road, you’ll spot a group of Slowpokes and a lady standing to their left. Speak to the lady to head to Mahalo Trail, where you’ll have to jump on to your Tauros and break all of the rocks on the path on your way up the trail. Once you reach the top, you’ll meet a mysterious old man who will give you three Stardusts.

The Pokémons in Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version :

  • Greninja
  • Pikachu
  • Jangmo-o
  • Hakamo-o
  • Yungoos
  • Golbat
  • Rockruff
  • Pikipek
  • Tauros

You will only be able to transfer your Poke rewards once Pokémon Sun and Moon hit the market on November 18th. Until then, enjoy Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version on Nintendo 3DS.

Credit source: BGR