Nintendo’s latest Pokemon game might seem to have taken the world by storm these past few days. However, not everyone has been able to enjoy it. Some fans are still hoping for the game to be available in their area or on their phones. Will some of them have their wishes come true soon? Will game developers really come out with a Pokemon Go Windows 10 version before this month ends?

Pokemon Go launched last week in a handful of countries, like Australia, Germany and the United States. However, not all residents of these countries were able to catch ’em all right away. The game is only currently available on iOS and Android. This restriction effectively barred owners of Windows phones from playing the game. Will Nintendo, along with their partner in this project Niantic Labs, do something to remedy this soon?

Windows Phone owners shouldn’t get too excited yet. Neither Nintendo nor Niantic has released an official statement regarding the matter. However, according to the Deccan Chronicle, Microsoft has already been scouting for ways to make Pokemon Go available in their app store.

“We have received an overwhelming amount of feedback requesting that the Store provide this application. The Windows Store team is looking into options with regard to the best way to fulfill this request,” a source working for Microsoft allegedly said.

The news site then pointed out that fans have similarly been bugging the company to include Snapchat in their app store. Reports suggest Microsoft’s still working on bringing the social networking app to their phones. However, the company has yet to deliver. Will something similar happen to Pokemon Go? Only time can tell.

Meanwhile, according to, owners of Windows phones have already launched a petition on to force Nintendo to launch a Pokemon app for them.

Will Nintendo ever release a Pokemon Go Windows 10 version? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.