While Pokémon GO encourages people to go out there and play, walking can be slower and tiresome, especially for those who are keen to hatch their eggs. While Pokémon GO won’t accumulate miles for you on a car unless you’re on a cruising speed, you can try a better alternative to walking. That is biking. Making you cover a longer distance on a shorter timeframe, going on a bike allows you to explore a considerably larger area.

What You Need

One of the basic things you need is a bike. Make sure you have a sturdy one with a snug seat. Next, a bag to carry all those stuff you need in order to continue playing even after your phone’s battery runs out. From battery packs to water bottles and some snacks, arm yourself for a day full of Pokémon GO adventure.

Riding Tips

While it might be easier to ride on a bike rather than walk, one downside of it is that you cannot enjoy the augmented reality feature of the game while you’re on your bike. You simply cannot mount your phone on your bike and keep your attention divided between traffic on the street and the game on your phone. Having the game on a non-AR mode, as suggested by Lifehacker, lets you play the game without you having to pull out your phone every second.

One nifty trick you can do is to don on some earphones to listen for notable sound notifications for Pokéstops, Pokégyms and Pokémons. Just make sure the sound level is not too loud as to make you deaf from your surroundings.

Make sure to also fully stop and rest at the sidewalk instead of lingering on the road while moving traffic is present. Don’t forget to wear the proper biking gear to promote your safety. Also equip your bike with hazard lights so to alert other drivers on the road of your presence. If possible, consider going with a group of friends. This way, your biking group will be more noticeable to other drivers in the street and you will have more bargaining power in terms of street space.

With these, prepare yourself for a thrilling Pokémon adventure on your bike.