Pokemon fans in Australia and New Zealand have had a good week these past few days. Most, if not all, of them have been busy catching Pokemon since Nintendo’s newest game launched there. American fans were equally as lucky as those gamers Down Under. The rest of the world, on the other hand, had to content themselves with waiting and watching with envy from the sidelines. However, will their wait be over soon? Will the global Pokemon Go release date really happen “in a few days?”

The game launched in the four mentioned countries last Wednesday. Conflicting rumors about the game’s global launch has since come out. Neither Nintendo nor their app developing partner Niantic has confirmed a definite date for the game, though.

Both companies earlier had to “pause” the game’s roll-out abroad because of a system overload. However, the wait might finally end for European, Japanese, Asian and South American gamers in a few short days. Or at least, that’s what a source from the The Wall Street Journal previously claimed.

The online news site’s source, who claims to be “familiar with plans for the game,” did not exactly say a specific date for the launch. However, according to Metro UK, if their source proves correct, European fans might be catching ’em all before the week ends. But this has not been confirmed yet.

Some fans from areas where the game is yet to launch have proven quite resourceful, though. They did not remain content with just waiting for the global Pokemon GO release date.

Instead, they sought out ways to download the game despite Nintendo’s strict location restrictions. Some of them have resorted to using android application packages (APK) links. A number of these alternative methods might not be strictly legal, though.

The gaming giants behind the newest Pokemon game have reportedly also begun clamping down on some of these APK links and downloads.