If you’re one of the lucky few living in areas where Pokemon GO is available for download, then you’re probably enjoying the game right now. However, along the way, you may have wondered what it’s like if one reaches the game’s maximum level. You don’t have to wait long to find out as one player finally achieved that feat. Check out one of the newly-discovered Pokemon GO hacks.

Reddit user _problemz shared on the social media website that he already surpassed Level 40. Alongside his announcement comes a screen shot of what one gets when reaching that level.

Most of the text from the screen shot is in German, so the English version list below comes from GameSpot.

Pokemon GO Hacks: What awaits you

According to GameSpot, _problemz received the following:

  1. 40 Ultraballs
  2. forty Max Potions
  3. 40 Max Revives
  4. forty Razz Berries
  5. 4 Incense
  6. four Incubators
  7. 4 Lure Modules
  8. four Lucky Eggs

Notable among the rewards are the four Lucky Eggs. According to GameSpot, since their main purpose is to double experience points earned, they have no use for Reddit user _problemz who hit Level 40. As of the moment, Level 40 is the cap for Pokemon GO.

However, GameSpot notes that the inclusion of Lucky Eggs despite the level cap hints that it could go higher in the future. Time will tell whether that comes true or not.

As to why you’re doomed if you reach the level cap, let’s just say that the experience could be monotonous once your past it. Doomed is a strong word, but judging by the way Pokemon GO was built, it’s more of an “enjoy the journey” game rather than an “aim for the destination” one.

More so, there’s no need to put pressure on yourself into leveling up. According to the Reddit thread started from _problemz, he used a bot to reach the cap. It will take a really long time to achieve that feat legitimately.

So for now, enjoy your Pokemon GO experience the right way. Get out there; meet some new friends who are also playing the game.

Check back for more Pokemon GO Hacks as we uncover them.