The upcoming Pokemon smartphone game may be arriving very soon, but the anticipation of fans on getting this new game is increasing. Nobody still knows how the game will work despite the previous trailer that reveals what Pokemon Go would look like. But somehow there is a reported leak of a gameplay footage for the mobile game as reported by Harcore Gamer.

The reported leaked footage came from a gaming panel at the South by Southwest Event (SXSW), an annual film, music and media conference that is being held in Austin, Texas in North America. Niantic Labs CEO, John Hanke was presenting the game. Niantic Labs is also one of the developers in creating Pokemon Go. Leaked video was uploaded by Eric F.

The leaked video features the map feature of the game, where trainers must go to certain locations in their area to find any wild Pokemon. Once a trainer encounters a Pokemon, the scene will change to a battle mode where it blends with the environment that is being captured on the camera by the use of augmented reality. To defeat and capture the Pokemon, trainers must use Pokeballs and throw it to the creature. There are times that it can miss as seen on the video, and has a tendency to escape when captured with a Pokeball. Also seen on the video is how trainers can select different Pokeballs to use on the creatures.

The demo video shows Hanke using a regular Pokeball on the Ivysaur but still managed to escape, where he then resorted to the powerful Masterball in capturing Ivysaur with success. After getting captured, the Ivysaur’s stats were also revealed, along with a Crystal item, though no further explanation was revealed during the demonstration. The game seems to be in a complete state, as it features background and battle music during the demo. Unfortunately, no demonstration for a trainer battle was featured.

Pokemon Go is expected to become available for the iOS and Android this 2016 with a field test being planned in Japan this month.