While the Pokemon Go craze is sweeping the world, the game has reportedly turned fatal for a young Sydney-based woman who lost her life in Melbourne.

A woman named Tanami Nayler has reportedly become a victim of a hit and run case while she was out playing Pokemon Go. The accused is a 21-year-old New Zealand national, who was allegedly driving a stolen car. He fled the accident scene, leaving Nayler dead.

According to The Herald Sun, the accused had stolen a Toyota Corolla from a nearby rental depot. He was at a speed of more than 100km/h in a 60km/h zone, when he rammed into Nayler and dragged her 70 metres on a pedestrian crossing, which eventually led to the latter’s death. He has been charged with culpable driving and dangerous driving. He was also charged as he did “fail to stop at the scene of an accident, fail to render assistance, burglary and theft.”

Nayler’s tragic death has left her friends and family in deep shock. The young girl has reportedly come down to Melbourne to meet her friend. Cops have also recorded the statement given by Nayler’s friend, who was a witness of the accident. The grief-stricken friend described how the accused rammed into Nayler and fled the accident scene.

The young victim reportedly texted her mother Vivien just a few minutes prior to her death. “Have arrived safely in Melbourne, Love you,”read her text. Vivien described her late daughter as a “bright, clever and artistic girl.”

“I know all mums say this but we really were so close, and that’s why she texted me that night, we were always in contact with each other, always so close,” she said during an interview with The Age.

Nayler’s friends describe her as “one of a kind.” “From school days, crashing on her couch after big nights in Noosa and building a whole house worth of flat packs with her, this girl was never short of a smile or positivity,” a friend told the press.