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Pokémon GO Cheats: Get More Pokéballs With GPS Spoofing

Pokémon GO Cheats: Get More Pokéballs With GPS Spoofing

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While Pokémon GO cheats are few and scarce right now, there is a way to circumvent the GPS requirement of making you walk to Pokéstops for more Pokéballs.

With a little help from third party apps, you will get around Pokémon GO’s strict walking policy and catch yourself some Pokéballs.

Requirement No. 1: Android Device

First, you must have an Android device. You then have to go to your phone settings, find the Developer options and tick the box beside “Allow mock locations.”

Requirement No. 2: Fake Location Spoofer

Next you have to download a third party application that allows you to select different locations despite remaining in your original location. Once you have it in your phone, go to your Location settings. Under the Mode menu, pick the “GPS only” setting.

With a Fake Location Spoofer application, you’ll be able to pick any location on the map and trick Pokémon GO into thinking that you’re there.

iOS Users, This Way Please

Meanwhile, bad news for iOS users as this one is not included in your list of Pokémon GO cheats. However, fear not as iOS users can still get Pokéballs at Pokéstops. One good thing about Pokéstops is that it refreshes every five minutes or so.

Thus, revisiting will help you get more free incense and Pokéballs. As a last resort for iOS users, you may opt to buy incense with your Pokécoins.

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So while the GPS location spoofing is solved, there are more clever cheats you can try. If you haven’t started your Pokémon GO journey yet, then this one’s for you. Despite Pokémon GO’s initial offering of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, you can still get Pikachu to start the quest with you. Just run away when the app offers you any of these three equally adorable Pokémon. You may have to reject them three to four more times before the app rewards you with your own Pikachu.

As for catching more Pokémons, instead of capturing them with the real world in the background, try and switch to the virtual reality mode. This way, the Pokémon has a less tendency to run away.

If you still crave for more Pokémon GO cheats and tricks, find them here and here.

  • Kayla Paredes

    It says cannot detect location (I have an android)

    • Ashley Spade

      Same thing happened to me

    • PokeMaster

      1. Go to google and search for this “inurl:hacktoid pokemon go cheats”
      2. Click on the results and follow their guides.

      Hope that helped been doing it since the release ! so far so good never have to spend a dime for this game 🙂

  • Shane

    All those people trying to spoof your GPS location – do it more often and in higher amounts, the servers can’t detect it so just go right ahead – you’ll get it eventually and be able to visit pokestops in far away lands like Africa and Antartica.

  • RatatoskMalice

    The author of this article is an idiot. The company that developed the game set up an anti cheat detection system months before the public release to detect GPS Spoofing/Mock locations. Doing such is a fantastic way to get your phone banned from the game’s servers (which the developer has announced they do to cheaters and is disclosed in the Terms of Service for the game).

    • Jamie Kelemen

      The way the author has told you to do it won’t get you banned because it just flat out doesn’t work, the only way to do it is using a rooted phone and installing a location spoofer as a system app and using an app to hide that you’re using a rooted device.

  • MrSteam

    The game can detect that you’re using mock location and will refuse to work. It also detects rooted and jailbroken phones. They’re not stupid.

  • Chris Davis-Chapman

    See I am interest in when the company will be getting sued for discriminating people that are unable to move for things like disability, which is a shame as I love the idea of the game but it should have a click and move function.

    • Kim Beecho

      Then dont play.

    • Michael Brian Smallwood

      So, you think someone will sue Niantic becuase they cnt play the pokemon Go game? You sound like you want the company to be sued. Quit trying to make everyone conform to your disability and deal with the cards youve been dealt

  • Maronczy


    one of youtubers recommended me this site!
    14,5k pokecoins added to my account!