Pokémon Go Australia had Pokémon fans charging to the Opera House this Sunday after Guy Blomberg and friend Jess Hodgson organized a Pokéwalk to meet and greet other Pokémon players and trainers.

The original event intended for a few friends turned out attracting 5,000 strong Pokémon trainers.

The Pokéwalk that started from the Opera House covered the Circular Quay, the Rocks, Barangaroo, Darling Harbour and as far as Darling Quarter.

Two hours before the scheduled Pokéwalk, Pokémon Go servers threatened to halt the event. Although the servers became up and running just in time, they crashed a few times during the walk.

Trainers had the opportunity to catch Pikachu in the wild. A sight of the iconic Pokémon had the crowd stopping and congregating in groups before proceeding with their walk. The get-together of sorts became a Pokémon hunt that rivaled an Easter egg hunt.

Using an abundance of lures and incense during the event, different kinds of Pokémons showed up to delight and amuse the players.

Aside from meeting other Pokémon Go players and enthusiasts, some participants were just happy to be out and about and get exercise in a fun way.

Due to the number of people who showed up, the Pokéwalk resembled a walking vigil. As the participants encounter a wild Pokémon, they would stop and cluster around it. While Pokémon Go cheats have started popping up for those who are not so keen to go out, the Pokéwalk served as a fun way to catch up with fellow gamers.

While the event’s turnout being overwhelming, head organizer Blomberg was happy with the event’s success.

“I did not think it would be that big, so I was very surprised. It’s definitely a thing. It’s getting people out of the house,” Blomberg shared with Mashable Australia.

If you missed the first Pokéwalk, don’t worry. Blomberg has set up other Pokémon GO Australia walks. From Sydney to Melbourne, Adelaide, Queensland and Perth, find a wild Pikachu in these walks, along with other Pokémon. There are also Pokémon GO walks for New Zealand trainers so be sure to check it out.