“Pokémon Go” looks primed to take over the mobile gaming world. No doubt, gamers are eager to download and start playing it since its recent debut. However, as with any game, it is important to learn the basics. Here are tips and tricks to help beginners master it faster.

1. After boot up, it’s time to settle into the game by customizing your trainer and choosing a starter Pokémon. Give your trainer a name then choose anyone of the classic Gen 1 starters, i.e., Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

2. The game becomes more interesting after the first catch, according to iDigital Times. The interface changes to a layout resembling Google Maps that corresponds to your smartphone’s GPS unit. Do take note that the PokeStops indicated on the map are only accessible once you are within range. On the other hand, access to Gyms would depend on the level at play.

3. Pay attention to areas with rustling grass. It’s a great opportunity to catch a Pokémon as one tends to appear if you move towards it.

4. Throwing technique is one of the critical factors that determines success when catching a Pokémon. Hence, it is important to master it. Take into consideration the angle and strength of the throw. More importantly, make sure to aim for the Pokémon.

5. The type of Poke Ball and the Pokémon’s CP (Command Points) level are the other factors that can ascertain your success. Take note, the rate of a Pokémon’s CP determines how it would fare in battle. Thus, a higher CP would require you to do better in order to catch it. CP level also varies even among the same species. It’s advisable to retain the Pokémon with the higher CP level to train.

6. It is also a good idea to use the Nearby feature of “Pokemon Go.” This will let you know which Pokemon are in close proximity to your location.

7. The Incubator comes in handy when hatching Eggs that you might find at PokeStops. A bit of walking is necessary to hatch an egg. However, it is advisable to “walk around a certain distance” to hatch a rarer Pokémon.

8. Use the Incense to attract Pokémon. Unless there’s a scarcity of Pokemon, be sure to use this item wisely as it only lasts for 30 minutes.

9. Your trainer can join a team once you reach level 5 that in turn gives you access to Gyms for battle.

10. Only one Pokémon is allowed for each player at a particular Gym in “Pokémon Go.”