PocketLab Opens a Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Their Wireless Sensor

Pocket Lab

Pocket LabPocketLab hopes to replace educational hardware as we know it. The company launched their Kickstarter campaign with an initial goal of $25,000. So far, backers have pledged over $30,000 to the company.

PocketLab will allow users, predominantly students, to be able to explore the world around them. Once plugged into a device, Android or iOS, the wireless sensor will be able to measure acceleration, force, magnetic field, temperature, altitude, pressure and velocity. All of this will be measured and displayed within the accompanying software.

The software will allow users to analyze data, create graphs and even integrate their data into other software applications.

Durable, the sensor can fall 6 feet without breaking and uses a one cell battery that holds an 80-hour charge. The sensor also features a 100 feet wireless range to be able to connect to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

Real-time measurements are presented to allow learners to see what’s occurring in real-time. The PocketLab, for example, can be strapped to a soccer ball that’s kicked across the field to measure angular velocity.

Backers that have pledged money to the campaign can expect their device to be shipped in June. The company behind PocketLab has teamed up with high schools to test their product, as well as other professional institutions, such as NASA.

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