PlayStation VR Fall 2016 Launch Confirmed; ‘Not As Powerful as Oculus Rift’

PlayStation VR

The Virtual Reality is finally coming to you. After Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, Sony is all set to release its new VR headset.

As per Gizmodo, GameStop CEO Paul Raines mentioned about the release of the VR headset. He revealed that the Playstation VR will release in the third quarter of this year.

“We will launch the Sony product this fall,” said Raines, “and we’re in discussions with the other two players.”

This comes as a huge revelation, especially coming from the CEO of GameStop. The source quotes that “the virtual reality market is on the verge of heating up.”

“The PlayStation VR launch would actually mirror every major video game console release of the past decade.”

As per Engadget reports, Sony would start selling the PlayStation Virtual headset by this fall. The source also states that “Sony could begin bundling packages for new customers during the holiday season at a discounted rate.”

There could be added advantage to Sony as they already have 35.9million Playstation 4 users. The advantage being “consoles which are ready to run high-end virtual reality games on day one of the PlayStation VR launch.”

Gizmodo notes that the Playstation VR will not be as powerful as the Oculus Rift. The source explains that Oculus Rift requires a powerful “Nvidia GTX 970 graphics processor” or higher to run while Playstation 4 runs on a “customised GPU” that is closer to the “Nvidia GTX 660”.

The source claims that PlayStation won’t be upgradeable while you can upgrade an Oculus-ready machine anytime you want.

Pre-orders are available on Oculus-ready PCs starting February 16 at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. The machines which are available from Dell, ASUS and Alienware will be shipped to selected countries only. They are available for purchase from Amazon, Best Buy and Microsoft Store to start with and are priced between AU$1,400–3,700 (US$1,000–2,600).

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