July is fast-approaching and new PlayStation Plus Free Games are coming.

In a report by Christian Today, gamers can expect an announcement of the July 2016 PlayStation Plus free games on June 28. For now, however, only one game is confirmed that makes the list. According to the website, the first free game for next month is “Kill Strain”.

Express details that Sony revealed the title ahead of the full list announcement. In line with the report, Express elaborates that “Kill Strain” becomes available on July 12.

The website lists games like “Gone Home”, “Siren: Blood Curse”, and “God of War: Chain of Olympus” as titles that were part of this month’s free games lineup. Will the July list feature more or less the same game themes?

PlayStation Plus Free Games Predictions

One of the good sources of predictions come from fans and gamers themselves.

In the PlayStation Forums, a user named terminatorx0606 predicted that there may be a “big nose dive” for July 2016’s lineup. The user bases this claim from the unexpected inclusion of major titles “NBA 2K16” and “Gone Home” for this month’s free games. Hence, he deduces that next month’s lineup may include mostly indies.

Under the opening prediction, other members of the PlayStation Forum community threw in titles like “GTA 5”, “Dragonball Xenoverse”, and “Killzone Shadow Fall” as potential considerations.

Meanwhile, the same prediction forum on Reddit gathered more diverse answers. One user threw in “Watch Dogs” in the mix while other users contested the idea. Reddit user DakiGamer93 explained his disagreement as, “Please no, that game dropped on price and everyone who wanted to play it played it.”

Other titles mentioned include “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” and “The Evil Within”.

Consistently enough, Ecumenical News reports that “The Evil Within” is a favorite title for July’s predictions. The site relays that rumors have been swirling around the title’s potential involvement with the July lineup. However, the source also notes that no concrete proof can be provided to support this claim.

For now, “The Evil Within” could simply be wishful thinking for the part of the gamers. Gaming fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Sony.

What about you? Do you have your own wishlist or predictions for July 2016’s PlayStation Plus free games? Let us know in the comments below.