Looks like the first year of marriage is not going smoothly for Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard.

Heard is said to have had enough of Depp’s band practicing in their house. In a report made by DesignNTrend, Heard finds Depp’s band, The Hollywood Vampires, to be a bore. She also is not interested in their music and compares the group’s sound to “bricks rubbed against a glass wall.”

The rock band was founded by Depp with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry and he invites the band members over to his house for playful practice after shows. Heard has no choice but to sit with them and watch until “she can’t take it anymore.”

Be that as it may, both have been trying hard to work together. Heard received gratitude from the “Black Mass” actor when her husband was given a lifetime achievement award. The Disney Legend expressed thanks “for putting up with me, for living with all these characters, which can’t be easy.”

“It’s hard for me,” Depp said, “it’s got to be hard for her.”

An insider tells E! News that the relationship of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ star and his gorgeous wife as a married couple did not progress easily during its early stages. The clash between their personalities may have been inevitably intense, but that same force is where they draw the passion for working things out together.

The two have much in common as both are known to be intensely passionate, outspoken and have the tendency to be reclusive. As what can be observed, the couple has kept their relationship private ever since they started dating. They were quite careful about revealing that they have been going out, where speculated to have started when they co-starred in “The Rum Diary” back in 2011.