[PHOTOS] ‘X Men Apocalypse’ Movie: Four Horsemen’s Roles Revealed

X Men Apocalypse

“X Men Apocalypse” movie revealed the images of the four horsemen. The new posters show the four mutants who will serve under Apocalypse.

Magneto, Storm, Psylocke, and Archangel will use their powers to wipe out the human race. Amidst the destruction, Apocalypse will establish a new world order over which he will reign.

“X Men Apocalypse” reportedly ends the trilogy that began with “X-Men: First Class” followed by “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, Coming Soon.net revealed.

However, Michael Briers from We Got This Covered considers it a “temporary end”. Briers took note of Jennifer Lawrence’s interest to sign up for another ensemble piece. Hence, this might signify a spin-off of the X Men Universe.

Collider noted how their poster images hint at their respective roles in the movie. The website described each apocalyptic poster of the four horsemen.

The presence of human bones and crows would suggest Archangel is the Horseman of Death. The caption reads “Savage. Dark. Fallen.” Ben Hardy plays Archangel.

Facebook/X-Men MoviesFacebook/X-Men Movies

Facebook/X-Men Movies

Psylocke likely represents Pestilence. Her image stands upon a heap of dead rats. The caption reads “Lethal. Fierce. Merciless”. Olivia Munn plays Psylocke.

Facebook/X-Men MoviesFacebook/X-Men Movies

Facebook/X-Men Movies

Storm would be the symbol of War as signified by the images of men with their arms up in rage. The caption reads “Fury. Lost. Survivor”. Alexandra Shipp plays the young Storm.

Facebook/X-Men MoviesFacebook/X-Men Movies

Facebook/X-Men Movies

The image confirms the earlier revelation of Shipp about Storm. In “X Men Apocalypse” she revealed her character is different, bad, and messed up.

Magneto could symbolize the final horseman, Famine. The caption reads “Rage. Pain. Vengeance”. Michael Fassbender reprises his role as Magneto.

Facebook/X-Men MoviesFacebook/X-Men Movies

Facebook/X-Men Movies

The latest featurette released for “X Men Apocalypse” also shows the magnification of the four mutants’ powers under Apocalypse’s servitude.

Director Bryan Singer hinted earlier about the enhanced powers of Magneto could possibly bend buildings.

Alex Leadbeater of WhatCulture acknowledged how “badass” Oscar Isaac is as Apocalypse.

Leadbeater noted the character’s improved appearance in the featurette. In the first look featured by Entertainment Weekly, Apocalypse was “looking more like Ivan Ooze than the ultimate doomgiver,” he remarked.

However, what stood out more was Isaac’s delivery as Apocalypse.

“Everything they’ve built will fall and from the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one.”

“[It] is much much deeper, bolder and imposing than the version from the first trailer, which was presumably Isaac’s raw, on-set take,” Leadbeater commented.

“X Men Apocalypse” premieres in cinemas on May 27.

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