Denver Broncos veteran star Peyton Manning is reportedly going to announce his retirement this week. The Denver Broncos’ quarterback is set to ride off the sunset this 2016; he is going to leave the Broncos with two Super Bowl title.

Manning, who will be turning 40 on March 24, will now leave the league after a 29 year career in the NFL. However, he will not close his doors on going to another team. According to Paige’s report, it is implausible that Manning would opt to sign with another team for one season. In addition, Manning would need to be dropped by the Broncos to make it happen.

Will Manning leave?

Manning has to finalise his decision on or before March 9, when almost $26,663,675 for 2016 will become assured. The Broncos Executive Vice President John Elway once said that they are not rushing him to make his move, but still they need to know what will happen on March 9.

“Yeah and we will, and that is hopefully what we are going to do. Until we get there and until we absolutely need that we’re going to give Peyton that time to continue to, obviously when he gets farther away from the game and clears his head a bit, he could kind of see where he wants to go,” NBC Sports reports.

What will happen after the decision?

If the veteran quarterback decides to be back in 2016, he is most likely not be back in Denver. After a record of Denver’s 24-10 win over Carolina in Super Bowl 50 Manning’s father told that, his son is “done” with the Broncos. If Manning will be back after he announced his retirement, Many NFL team will surely go after him, as he averages 65.3 CMP, 71,940 YDS, 539 TD, 251 INT, and 96.5 percent rating.