If that headline made your heart race and caused you to panic, then you certainly have a deep obsession for PewDiePie. Though the comedian, known in real life as Felix Kjellber, has indeed gone missing, it’s not the way you think he vanished.

In a piece from We the Unicorns, the website may have found the most creative way of making fun of PweDiePie’s money, and his fans’ extreme obsession of it.

In the post by Liam Dryden of We the Unicorns, readers were challenged to spot PewDiePie in a “sea of money.” It may take a long time for you to spot it, considering that even at closer scrutiny, everything looks the same. However, spotting the YouTube celebrity will be worth it. It may even make you laugh!

If you are up for the challenge, you can launch your own search here.

PweDiePie rose to fame through videos related to his gaming experiences. He became the most subscribed YouTube personality in 2013 and never looked back since. As of this writing, the star has amassed 7.2 million likes on Facebook, 7.8 million followers on Twitter, and 8.9 million followers on Instagram. His channel currently lists 45.5 million subscribers.

An article published by TIME last month revealed interesting details about the celebrity. One conflicting fun fact is that his parents did not allow him to own a video game console when he was growing up. In a surprising turn of events, however, he ended up being famous for tackling anything related to gaming.

Another notable trivia about the star is that before he became PewDiePie, he was definitely weirded out just thinking about filming his first video. Fortunately, he overcame the odd feeling and launched himself to be one of the most successful entertainers out there.

Curious about PewDiePie? You can check his videos on his YouTube channel.