Former politician and Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett has a new debut solo album ready. Titled “A Version of Now,” the album sees Garrett reflecting on things that took place over the decade.

Federal MP Peter Garrett was working on his memoir named “Big Blue Sky” last year. It was around the same time that a few melodies and lines started circling in his head. What is surprising is that Garrett ended up writing the songs that resulted in his new album. The news of his latest album comes on the heels of the announcement of the Midnight Oil reunion.

According to The New Daily, Garrett has made a reference to many of his experiences, including his time in politics during his writing process.

“As I was finishing my memoir, melodies and lines kept dropping into my head and, big surprise, I ended up writing a few songs,” explained Garrett. “Once these tunes were out in the sunlight I decided I might as well jump into a studio and record what I had along with a few other bits and pieces I’d always liked. I switched off my brain and switched on my emotional heart for music,” he added.

The Music informs that the album was recorded in Sydney at Rancom St. Studios with producer Burke Reid. “A Version of Now” consists of nine tracks and the core band includes Martin Rotsey, who is a fellow Midnight Oil member and guitarist, Pete Luscombe on drums, and Jet’s Mark Wilson on bass. Garrett’s daughters provided the back-up vocals.

“The songs are reflections of turbulent decades on the rack, and the people and things that meant the most to me,” said Garrett Midnight Oil’s official Facebook page. explains that Garrett has already released his single “Tall Trees” on iTunes, Apple Music, and Google Play. Sony Music Entertainment Australia will release the album on July 15. However, “A Version of Now” will be available for pre-order worldwide from May 30 onwards.