Saturday, October 01, 2016

Pet Dog Mauls Dad to Death as Daughters Watch Horrifying Attack

Pet Dog Mauls Dad to Death as Daughters Watch Horrifying Attack

flickr/Tom Espen Pedersen


A pet dog has attacked and killed its master in Cleator Moor, Cumbria while the man’s daughters helplessly watched the entire scene.

Stephen Hodgson, 45, was killed by a Staffordshire/pitbull terrier crossbreed. The man was declared dead at the scene of the attack. The dog was also put down immediately after the incident. There were three other dogs and they would be examined by experts to determine whether they are a banned breed or not, reports BBC.

“A 45-year-old male who lived at the property was pronounced dead at the scene. The dog that attacked the male was destroyed. The death is being treated as non-suspicious and the coroner has been informed,” a police spokesperson said.

The victim, Stephan, was an unemployed carpenter. Apparently, he was watching TV with his daughters in a bedroom when the pet dog pounced on him. The man had an existing medical condition and suddenly felt ill. He bent down and leaned over the edge of the bed. The dog got startled by his master’s condition and started barking. The girls then started tending to their father and sent the dog away to the garden.

As his daughters were busy with him, the pet dog came back and came through the door. It saw the man leaning over the bed and it went for him, said the Mirror. His daughter Jade, 19, said, “He saw my dad leaning over the edge of the bed and he went for him, there was nothing we could do.” Jade’s sister Clara, 16, also recounted the incident. “Buster was biting dad’s throat and there was suddenly a lot of blood. We were doing anything we could to get him off. He didn’t have a collar on to hold onto so we were just pulling him.”

According to The Guardian, official statistics showed last year that there is a surge of 76 percent of injuries caused by dogs. In yet another incident, a Staffordshire bull terrier attacked many children at a park in Northumberland.

  • Debbie Bell

    If you need a dog who will mature, often at 1.5 to 3 years of age, to attack unprovoked and prolonged, without any training or abuse, you need a pit bull.

    This was excellent fighting dog behavior.

    Proof that pits are different is the fact that essentially all US and UK dog men choose only pits.

    These attacks are why pits should never be used as handicap assist dogs. Or as pets.

  • boohoojohnny

    Only a pit does this. Show me another breed of dog that kills its owners’ like pits do.