Perth International Arts Festival to Showcase Indigenous Art

Perth Festival

The Perth International Arts Festival will formally open on February 11 and conclude on March 6. The festival will be showcasing thousands of performances across many artistic platforms.

According to media reports, the organisers are trying to make the opening of the Perth Arts Festival at Langley Park a spectacular event. It will reflect Western Australia’s rich and complex history. The opening performance has been dubbed ‘Home.’

It will be resonate with the memories of ‘Giants’—the opening performance of 2015 edition of the festival. The 2015 opening had brought millions of people into the streets of Perth. Some of the sterling acts at the opening performance will include The Triffids, The Panics, Pigram Brothers and The Waifs. For boosting outdoor spectacles, the festival director, Wendy Martin has hired English Director Nigel Jamieson.

“Home is about Indigenous culture, 40,000 years of Indigenous culture. It’s about Western Australia since white settlement and importantly, it’s about the shared vision for the future,” Martin said.

‘Home’ will be a free event with more than 500 artists performing on the huge stage. It will have amazing sets including multi-storey-houses with ever changing images projected on it. The festival intends to showcase the talent of West Australia’s best artists, reports ABC News.

Martin said the amazing opening of the festival in 2015 was a great inspiration. “I felt it was my responsibility to tell something about this place — made by artists from this place and telling stories from this place,” she said.

Among the indigenous artists, Ernie Dingo will stand out with a group of swing dancers. He will perform a music act based on the Coolbaroo Club. The club was in existence at East Perth since the 1940s. He said the festival was a “great opportunity to show your wares.”

Other highlights of the 2016 edition of Perth’s International Festival will Include Belvoir Theatre Director Simon Stone’s take on Henrik Ibsen’s “The Wild Duck” and Kamikaze cabaret diva Meow Meow’s version of “The Little Mermaid.”

South African artist William Kentridge will stage “Refuse The Hour,” mixing opera, dance and music. The UK band The Tiger Lillies will present an anarchic version of the all time favourite, “Hamlet.”

The music line-up will include Icelandic composer Johann Johannson, Swedish Grammy winner Jose Gonzalez, UK rapper Little Simz and Australian singer Kev Carmody, noted an early report filed by ABC.

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The contemporary music venue will be shifted to the newly built Elizabeth Quay. The Perth Writers Festival will be a concurrent event. It will be graced by renowned writers such as Richard Dawkins, UK author Simon Winchester, Lisa Genova and Canadian writer Patrick deWitt.

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