A permanent moon base plan which the European Space Agency has announced to set up  on the moon will come out soon. It is going to be a multitasking human outpost

The setup will be a form of moon village, which will be skyrocketed through the international collaboration of different nations. The base will enable humans to work on science, business, tourism, and mining.

Johann-Dietrich Wörner, director-general of the European Space Agency (ESA), revealed the plan during the 32nd Space Symposium.

ESA members and other nations worldwide would be able to operate the project, according to CBS News.

The base will be a first building block of the Destination Mars project, enabling scientists to discover different aspects of space.

The agency considers the new project “much more than Mars”. Wörner said that reaching the neighbouring place of the moon will transcend the efforts beyond the Mars project.

“I think we should go first to the moon and then further on,” Wörner said on April 13, during a session at the symposium called New Generation Space Leaders Panel: The Future of Human Spaceflight.

“I would not call Mars the ultimate goal. I am quite sure humans will go further,” he added.

In a report by Space, explaining the moon village what would it be like, he said: “A village is something where different people are gathering with different capabilities, different opportunities, and then they build a community. It’s not one village with some houses, a church.” He said that the idea would also aim to incorporate private and public sectors.

According to moon-orbiting missions and lunar materials brought by Apollo astronauts, the moon is the nearest place where humans can unravel the history behind the solar system, including old earth and earth-moon system.

ESA’s latest brochure said: “ One driver of this renewed interest in the moon is to assess the economic feasibility of using lunar resources for sustaining human surface exploration activities.”

However, scientists have not confirmed when the lunar home project going to kick off, according to Sky News.