A former state trooper has been shot and killed after he attempted an armed robbery and killed two people in Pennsylvania.

54-year-old Clarence Briggs, who was a former state trooper, killed two Pennsylvanian Turnpike workers in a tollbooth robbery attempt on Sunday. Apparently, Briggs confronted the tollbooth turnpike employee Daniel Crouse, 55, and guard Ronald Heist, 71, at around 7 am at Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Fort Littleton interchange. He pointed a handgun at them, reported CNN. Then he ordered the two employees to enter a nearby building where he attempted to tie them.

According to police reports, when the two tried to escape as a fare collection vehicle approached the area, Briggs shot at them. He then tried to rob the vehicle as the driver fled and also attempted to unload the money into his car. Soon police arrived in the crime scene and an exchange of gunfire followed. Briggs was shot to death in the confrontation.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Chairman Sean Logan stated that Daniel Crouse had been in the job for three months and Heist who retired as a York City Police Officer, had worked for turnpike commission as a security contractor, reported Penn Live.

He added, “Today we lost two members of the turnpike family and extended family in a holdup attempt.”

Capt. David Cain, commander of Troop T, said that investigators could not say what prompted Brigg to plan a robbery. Cain added, “It’s an ongoing investigation.”

In the meantime, Sean Logan vowed to find out what exactly happened on that day. He further stated, “We are all deeply saddened by this horrific tragedy.”

Briggs was a retired state trooper. He was a Newville resident and received an honourable discharge when he retired. However, Brigg’s and his wife Donna filed for personal bankruptcy on March 9 in Harrisburg District Court, as reported by The Morning Call.

Recently, a 16-year-old girl was shot when two robbers tried to steal a hover-board she got for Christmas, in Atlanta.