Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pasay Concert Deaths: 5 Dead After Consuming ‘Laced Drink?’

Pasay Concert Deaths: 5 Dead After Consuming ‘Laced Drink?’



The dead bodies of five people were discovered on the concert grounds of a mall’s open parking area in Pasay City early Sunday morning.

Four Filipinos and an American national collapsed during the “CloseUp Forever Summer” concert at the open parking grounds of the Mall of Asia.

Pasay City Police identified the victims as Bianca Fontejon, 18, Ken Migawa, 18, Ariel Leal, 22, Lance Garcia, 36 and Eric Anthony Miller, 33, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Fontejon and Miller were brought to the Manila Doctors’ Hospital while Leal, Garcia and Migawa were rushed to the San Juan de Dios Memorial Hospital

Fontejon, Leal, Garcia and Miller did not survive, while Migawa was listed in critical condition before he passed away Sunday night. All four victims were believed to be under the influence of alcohol and were found unconscious in different areas of the concert venue.

The case is currently under investigation, and the victims’ causes of deaths have yet to be determined. Police suspect that dangerous substances might have been taken inside the venue undetected.

The police noted that audience members were permitted to purchase and drink alcohol from various booths available in the area, and have requested a list of the booths that sold food and drinks at the event.

Relatives have been informed about the victims’ deaths while the United States Embassy has been notified about the death of Miller.

Meanwhile, CloseUp has expressed its “deepest sympathies to the families of those who’ve passed away” and have assured that they will lend support to “those needing medical assistance so they may fully recover,” in a statement released on its Facebook page.

CloseUp added that while it followed the standards to provide medical assistance, it says it regrets that the incident happened amid the “very stringent measures and precautions” it imposed. It gave its assurance that it will cooperate with the authorities on the ongoing investigation.