Police shot an attacker to death after he stabbed and killed a 42-year-old policeman and his wife while holding her and her son captive during the Paris hostage siege.

The siege ended with the death of the attacker. According to Le Parisien, several explosions and shooting noises were heard at the house located in Magnanville, 55 kilometers west of Paris. According to Dw.com, authorities have planned to initiate an anti-terror investigation into the matter. Police claimed that the assailant barricaded himself with the cop’s wife and son inside the house before he took the woman’s life. The police commandos surrounded the house and attempted to negotiate with the man. The operation finally resulted in the shooting of the suspect involved in the Paris hostage siege.

France’s interior minister spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet confirmed the three deaths in the incident. He said that the officers successfully rescued the three-year-old child of the cop after they stormed the spot. He added that the child is still in shock and is undergoing treatment. “Negotiations were opened but it became clear that they would not succeed and police then entered the home, where they found the body of a woman,” Brandet said as quoted by News.com.au.

“The toll is a heavy one. This commander, this police officer was killed by the individual … (and) we discovered the body of a woman. The assailant, the criminal was killed. Thankfully, a little boy was saved.”

Meanwhile, French prosecutor Vincent Lesclous said that the investigation has begun with no clue regarding the “motivation behind this act.” He added that the identity of the attacker was also unknown.

French President Francois Hollande condemned the attack and called it an “odious act.” He said that an emergency meeting will be conducted on Tuesday at his Elysee office. “Light will be shed on the circumstances of this abominable drama whose investigation, under the authority of justice, will determine the exact nature,” the president said in a statement.