In the wake of the Paris attacks, extra police will be deployed across Melbourne. Authorities warned of the need for extra vigilance at events which usually witness huge gatherings.

Victoria police will beef up their presence at major events this weekend after the disastrous Paris attacks.

According to Herald Sun, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton has stressed there are no apparent local links to the “cowardly” horror unleashed.

Mr. Ashton, while addressing the media today, said the move was about bolstering the public confidence rather than any direct threat.

“We don’t have any intelligence at this stage that suggests there are any links between what’s occurred in Victoria,’’ he said.

“This weekend the Victorian community can be confident to go about their business and participate in weekend activities as they normally would. We would ask the Victorian community, however, to be vigilant.”

Ashton added, “Events, like we’ve seen in Paris, are further evidence that we must always be vigilant to what’s occurring in our community.”

Mr. Ashton said he had spoken to Premier Daniel Andrews over the phone early this morning upon hearing news of what unfolded in Paris. He said he was confident Victorian police was resourceful enough to respond if such an act occurred in Melbourne.

“They are cowardly attacks and co-ordinated attacks,’’ he said.

“It’s the work of cowards to have caused so much carnage. Even from what’s known now it’s a significant event.”

“You’d have to go back I think a number of years to an event that has caused that amount of casualties.”

Premier Daniel Andrews said the terrorist threat level in Victoria remained high, but urged Victorians to show support by “just getting on with our lives”.

“Whilst our challenges are very real, our work is ongoing, we cannot be defined by these threats, we will not be, because if we are then that will mean these monsters have won,” Mr. Andrews told 3AW on Sunday morning.

Mr. Andrews said Victoria Police were working at a very high level with other agencies, including the AFP and ASIO to guard against the threat of a terrorist attack. Extra police have already been deployed across Melbourne in the wake of the attacks, including at the City2Sea run and the UFC championship fight at Etihad Stadium. The police presence around public transport would also be stepped up.