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Palestinian Flag Raised at UN for the First Time Ever; Photos & Video

Wikimedia/Rawan Nassrallah

Historic move was made as the flag of Palestine has been raised for the first time ever at the United Nations.

Following the speech of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Abbas led the ceremony of raising the Palestine flag at the rose garden, ABC News reports.

Abbas told the crowd before him, “In this historical moment, I say to my people everywhere: raise the flag of Palestinians very high because it is the symbol of our identity.”

ABC News reports that the crowd cheered when the Palestine flag “started to flutter in the gentle breeze.”

People have also posted on social media photos from the historical flag raising.


Earlier this week, the Palestine President Abbas has written on Huffington Post that the raising of the Palestine flag for the first time is “their moment of hope.”

Abbas said, “we will raise our flag in a peaceful gesture that will remind all that justice and independence is ultimately possible. To get to this destination, we need the support of our friends around the world and the leadership of the U.N.”

ABC News notes that Palestine is not a member of the United Nations but the General Assembly has adopted a resolution that allows non-members to raise their flags “alongside those of full-member states.”

The resolution was approved as 119 countries had agreed to its implementation. 45 countries had abstained while eight were against the resolution which included the United States and Israel.

The United States and Israel were not pleased with the historic move. Both countries believe that the “move as a symbolic gesture [that] would not serve the cause of peace,” as posted on ABC News.

However, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon believes that the “symbol could lead to action.”

“Now is the time to restore confidence by both Israelis and Palestinians for a peaceful settlement and, at last, the realisation of two states for two peoples, he said.”

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