A security guard shot dead an 11-year-old boy after he got startled by the boy’s “monster mask” in Karachi.

Police in Pakistan said that the boy, Ali Hasan was apparently goofing around and approached the armed guard from behind with a monster mask on his face. The guard was unnerved and opened fire. The boy was taken to the Jinnah hospital where he was declared dead.

The security guard, Ghulam Nabi, has been arrested following a complaint by the boy’s father.  He is in the police custody while further investigation will be carried out, reported Independent.

Meanwhile, relatives of the boy held demonstration on  Sunday evening against the action and demanded for strict lawful measures against the guard.

According to BBC there are thousands of private security guards in Karachi but most of them are poorly paid. Moreover, they are not adequately trained. Private security companies are mushrooming in Pakistan as it is a lucrative business in the country. Because of the increase in crimes like theft and robbery, individuals as well as, corporate entities rely on these private security guards.

The private security industry is rapidly expanding, as people need various types of services ranging from guarding individuals, transporting cash and valuables, and providing security in shopping complexes and business centres, reported Views Week.

There are around 300 private security companies and 300,000 private security guards in the country. However, there are many loopholes and issues arising as key legislation regulating the industry is missing. Before the boom of the industry, people with military trainings were appointed as security guards, but with the expanding industry most of the guards now are civilians.

Moreover, the companies are not adhering to the countries labour laws. There is an urgent need for strong working guidelines in the private security service industry. The government security companies are accountable to parliament, government and public. On the other hand, private security companies are answerable to their shareholders and clients.

Security is a prime concern in the country, which is also devastated by terror attacks in recent years.