Two of the most richest boxers in the World, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather may be looking for another high profile bout one more time before Pacquiao moves into politics full-time.

According to Stuff, Pacquiao is in talks with Mayweather as well as Amir Khan for what could be his last fight before he runs for politics in the Philippines.

The 36-year-old Filipino is running for a seat in the senate next May 2016, and has given no preference about his opponent.

“I will fight anybody, anywhere,” said Pacquiao. “I am going to fight probably before the election. The election is coming next year, May, and before that I will probably have one fight. We are going to finalise by November or December.”

At the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Doha, the possibility of a rematch was floated around by the second richest sportsperson in the World. While a revenge match against Mayweather will turn out to be highly lucrative, the fight against his former stable-mate Khan is likely to generate a lot of interest.

When asked by ESPN sources about the his likely opponent, Pacquiao said, “ I think the Khan fight is the most feasible. I’d like to bring the fight to the Middle East, that would be my plan, I would love to bring the fight to Doha.”

Pacquiao still blames his poor shoulder injury for his poor show against Mayweather in a fight last year, regarded to be the “Fight of the Century”. His record stands at 57 wins, two draws and six losses and is making desperate amends to take the fight against Mayweather.

After Mayweather’s easy victory against Andre Berto, he retired last month after extending his record to a perfect 49-0. However, he can give another shot to reach half century if he takes up the challenge against his old rival.