OtterBox will soon come up with a case that allows adding more accessories to your smartphone. However, the company has already released a new iPhone case called the Universe, which protects your phone as well as adds at least two accessories at the same time.

On the back of the Universe case lies two slots: one at the bottom and another at the top. This allows you to slip a compatible accessory in. Since no electronics are involved, accessories can be plugged into the iPhone’s Lightning port or Bluetooth can be used to connect.

However, to fit into OtterBox’s proprietary accessories slots, accessories still need to be designed based on it.

OtterBox is a big company and it is capable of getting many partners on board. The company already has eight partners, including Square, Olloclip and SanDisk. Together, they would come up with compatible accessories. The company intends to include some add-ons like a battery pack, a Wi-Fi booster and a tripod.

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Surprisingly, the case won’t protect anything you attach to it but the Universe-compatible accessories would be able to survive a fall, as per OtterBox.

OtterBox has named the case “Universe,” which signifies that this accessory port will likely have more case models in the future. With the “Symmetry” line, it is starting out with a fairly thin case. The fast-growing market would turn this into a top seller. However, note that the huge “Defender” cases are still OtterBox’s top seller, as reported by The Verge.

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Today, OtterBox’s site is organizing a sale, and the case will cost $50. In about a week, it will make its way to retail stores. Altering and expanding a phone’s hardware has suddenly become the trend of 2016.