OS X El Capitan Release, Features & Download Here

After its announcement at the WWDC 2015 last June 8, the public beta for Apple’s newest OS X El Capitan has finally arrived.

Succeeding the OS X Yosemite, the OS X El Capitan welcomes new features and enhanced performance. According to Apple, the OS X El Capitan “builds on the groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of little ways that make a big difference. OS X El Capitan — it takes the Mac experience to new heights.”

According to Tech Times, some of the enhanced features of the OS X El Capitan include:

Split View for more convenient multitasking, allows the users to work on 2 different programs side by side.

The Space Management with Mission Control allows the organization of applications in single layers of “zoomed-out app previews” by pressing F3 or with a three-finger swipe up motion.

The enhanced Spotlight that now gives information about sports, weather, transportation and everything in between. It can also understand language so users can search by just typing it the way you say it.

Metal, which the gamers would surely love, has new core graphics technology replacing the standard 3D API Open GL for “more efficient rendering, smoother animation and faster scrolling”, as another report from Tech Times defined.

The OS X El Capitan does not end there — other features that show improvement and better performance are the Mail, Notes, Photos, Maps, and Safari.

Users can download and install the latest OS X version by signing up for Apple’s Beta software registration program.

Upon registration, users will receive a built-in Feedback Assistant app to immediately report bugs once it appears. It is also safe to back up your current OS of desktop Apple device using iTunes or iCloud to make sure that bugs would not affect your data when using the beta version.

OS X El Capitan official release date will be this fall. So stay tuned for more updates.

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