The premiere of Orphan Black Season 4 took us back in time before the events in which the series debuted. The season premiere brings back Beth Childs and introduces a new clone named MK.

When viewers first met Beth Child, much of her story was kept in the dark. Viewers only got to know her through what Sarah, Art and Paul have said or found out about her. The premiere of Orphan Black Season 4 was a treat of all sorts, mostly for covering Beth’s back story.

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Beth has been suffering quite a lot. She’s been struggling with drugs and she discovers that Paul is more than just the typical boyfriend.

MK is introduced as Beth’s informant who helps her investigation in Neolution matters and the clone conspiracy that took place prior to Beth’s suicide. MK, while mysterious, packs a lot of intel as she informs Beth that her boyfriend, Paul, is a spy and so is another one in the station.

E! Online reported that MK will remain a prominent character in Orphan Black Season 4.

Much of MK’s story at this point unknown remains unknown. She wears a sheep mask to conceal her identity. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Orphan Black Greaeme Manson and John Fawcett revealed what’s to come for our mysterious new clone.

“Well, with M.K., there were a lot of discussions about her background, a lot of backstory, where she grew up, accent, how does she dress, mannerisms, that kind of thing. And then taking the script and rehearsing it,” Fawcett said. “We did a lot of rehearsal for M.K.. The voice itself was difficult and complicated for [Tatiana Maslany]. I think she did a remarkably great job with it, but it wasn’t an easy fit.”

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We’re also introduced to a new character named Detective Duko, played by Gord Rand.

“He’s clearly running his own agenda. He’s got things going on the side. He’s not on the up and up, clearly, and more will be revealed,” Fawcett revealed.