A survivor of the Orlando shooting has revealed how the ruthless gunman Omar Mateen kept on laughing, while he gunned down people there.

Norman Casiano, 26, recounted the chilling details of the massacre. He said that he tried to hide in a bathroom after the assailant started shooting people. But he failed as Omar Marteen found him along with 30 other people.

Casiano recalled that one person was begging and pleading to enter but collapse at the stall door. Tragically, he could not open the door as dead bodies were piled up in front of it. The assailant shot that man and started laughing in satisfaction, as stated by news.com.au.

The Orlando shooting survivor said, “I started crying and at that point a gentleman stumbles into the bathroom, collapses in front of the stall door and he’s bleeding everywhere and he’s begging to come inside the stall.”
He recalled Mateen laughing and said, “It was like a laugh of satisfaction. It’s pure evil, that’s what it sounded like, it didn’t even sound like a person.”

Casiano further stated that the terrified people pleaded with the gunman, “please don’t shoot us, please don’t shoot” but that just “enticed him to do it more.”

But without heeding the pleas, Omar Mateen started shooting at people inside the stall. Casiano was the only one among the people hiding in the bathroom to survive the attack. When he heard the first two gunshots, he started crawling in military style to the bathroom. Mateen killed around 30 people inside the bathroom but Casino survived despite getting four gun shots.  The assailant shot him, two on each side of his body. Casiano was released from the hospital just one day after the attack, Mail Online reported.

Deyni Ventura, a local pastor told DailyMail.com, “God was definitely with Norman on this day, his 26th birthday. He cannot understand how he got out. He had to crawl over the bodies of his best female friend and his male friend to get to safety.”

Casiano came out through the same hole in the wall from which Mateen tried to escape and was confronted by armed police. He had to explain to them that he was not the assailant but a victim. Mateen later tried to escape through the same hole but got killed.