Edward Sotomayor Jr. has stood out among the victims of Pulse nightClub shooting because of his bravery. He is one of the first victims to be named from the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

Sotomayor (34) was vibrant, popular and a fun-loving guy. He was shot in the back while he tried to protect his boyfriend from a deadly and ruthless assailant. Most unfortunately, although, he managed to save his boyfriend’s life, he could not survive his injuries and died in the hospital, as reported by news.com.au.

Edward Sotomayor, who is also known as “Eddie” used to live in Sarasota, Florida. Sotomayor’s LinkedIn profile says that he was the brand coordinator for ALandCHUCK Travel, located in Sarasota. He was also a former sales manager at a gay and lesbian entertainment and lifestyle publication. In short, he was well known among gay and lesbian community in Orlando. His nick name was “Top Hat”, stated Heavy.

Daily News quoted Sotomayor’s cousin David Sotomayor, who said, “He was my friend, he was my family. Had he died in a car crash, it would be more acceptable than just a f—ing hate crime, you know?”

Both of them came to know that they were related after meeting at Orlando’s annual Gay Days festival, some years ago.

Another friend Jason Howell said that he was shaking after he heard Sotomayor’s name in the list of the victims.

He said, “I just started bursting into tears, and I’ve been like that all day. You never think that one of your friends is going to be killed in a terrorist attack.”

Howell also noted, “He touched so many people’s lives because he’s such a positive person. He would do anything for anybody.”

Along with Sotomyor there were Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz, Stanley Almodovar III and Luis Vielma, who are among the first to be named by Orlando police.