Originals 4 will not premiere until next year. But can fans now expect a crossover to happen soon? Will the vampires of “Originals 4” team up with DC superheroes soon?

“The Originals” and “Legends of Tomorrow” couldn’t be any more different. But it might be interesting to see these shows’ characters on screen together. However, this crossover will not happen next season or anytime soon. Instead, former “Originals” star Maisie Richardson Sellers will join the DC comics series soon.

According to Collider, Richardson Sellers will play Vixen in the show next season. Fans will be seeing more of the British actress since her character will be a series regular.

“The Originals” will also bring in new blood next season. According to Yahoo! TV, Christina Moses will join the series as a bisexual werewolf called Keelin.

Meanwhile, “The Originals” producer Michael Narducci discussed what would happen to Hayley next season now that the Mikaelsons are down. “There were hints in the finale of what Hayley’s next move is going to be,” Narducci told TV Line. “I don’t want to say too much. But I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that Hayley will look to find a way…to try to communicate with [everyone in the dream world].” The producer hinted that she could do this “either by using her own vampire power or by using a witch.”

“She has a giant puzzle to figure out in order to cure everyone,” Narducci added. “And given that they’re dying from a wolf bite, I think you can guess who she might turn to.”

The producer also confirmed that the next season will not pick the story up where Season 3 left things. “We are going to have a little bit of a time jump in between when the story ends at the end of the finale and when we pick up in Season 4, ” Narducci explained. “That experience in the time jump will be similar to what the audience is feeling. To me, in a way, it actually makes sense.”

A premiere date for “Originals 4” has yet to be confirmed.