‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 4 Release Date & Cast: 5 Spoilers You Should Know


“Orange Is the New Black” Season 4 is set to premiere in June 2016 but this early, fans are already eager for its comeback.

Here are some information that will surely interests you.

Crazy Eyes might finally meet her match

The conclusion of Season 3 hinted that there will be romance between Crazy Eyes and Maureen (played by Emily Althaus).

Seattlepi.com quoted Aruba as saying, “That’s my wish for her [Crazy Eyes]. I want her to know that she is loved, and to meet someone who values her.”

Alex Vause and Jon Garrett are alive

It was previously reported that the two were both alive, and one of them had confirmed her return.

Alex, played by Laura Prepon, will return to Litchfield Penitentiary after she appeared dead at the end of the previous season. But her return may be coupled with paranoia since her former boss hired someone to kill her.

Prepon also hinted earlier that her character will try to win back Piper (Taylor Schilling) on the upcoming season of the Netflix hit series.

On the other hand, Matt McGorry has revealed that his character, John Bennet, is not actually dead but his return has yet to be confirmed.

When asked about it, the actor said, “I think it’s always possible. He’s not dead – as far as I know.”

Will the relationship between Red and Healy prosper?

OINTB viewers have witnessed how Red (Kate Mulgrew) and Healy (Michael Harney) got closer in Season 3. During Morello’s (Yael Stone) wedding, the two were seen exchanging glances and conversation.

“We feel that she and Healy have an ‘understanding,'” Mulgrew wrote in Entertainment Weekly celebrity blog.

New inmate at Litchfield

Shannon Esper has been confirmed for a recurring role as Alana Dwight in the upcoming season OITNB, Deadline reported.

Although the details of her role remain underwrap, Netflix assured that Esper will play an important role to the prisoners.

Katie Holmes as prisoner?

“Orange is the New Black” Season 4 fans are wondering whether or not actress Katie Holmes will finally join the cast of the hit Netflix series.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight before Season 3 premiere last year, creator Jenji Kohan revealed that Holmes was the first actress she thought of for the role of Piper Chapman. However, Holmes declined the role because her busy schedule.

At the time, Kohan said there’s a chance Holmes could be cast as a guest star and play the role of “friends with Lorna (Yael Stone) or like Lorna’s Boston sister.” But this did not happen.

Now Season 4 is less than a year away, fans are still hoping that Kohan will cast Holmes.

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