While Japanese superhero parody webcomic One Punch Man has been picked up for a second season, there is a buzz that the series is getting a smartphone game app next year. Is it going to affect the  One Punch Man Season 2 release date? Will the show be delayed?

At the One Punch Man Fall Festival event on Sunday, the cast and crew of One Punch Man made an announcement that a second season for this television anime is currently in the works. Titillating the fans, team One Punch Man also revealed the show is getting a smartphone app along with the second season. Fans can expect the game app by 2017. It’s an app that measures the user’s punching power by how far the monster on the receiving end flies after he punches his phone.

Here is the official announcement on Twitter:

The official release date for One Punch Man Season 2 is yet to be announced. However, since the creators recently declared the second season of the anime series, we can expect it won’t be returning to the small screens before 2017. On the other hand, the smartphone game app is already on the cards. So will there be a clash between these two release dates? Reports revealed that they are planning to release the game app along with the show. Does that mean that the release date for One Punch Man Season 2 is being delayed for the smartphone game app?

These are only our speculations, so take everything with a grain of salt until One Punch Man Season 2 gets an official release date.

Madhouse and director Shingo Natsume’s One Punch Man first aired in Japan in October-December 2015.  It was a 12-episode anime. Viz Media and Daisuki both streamed One Punch Man Season 1 outside of Japan as it aired. The anime started airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami block with an English dub on July 16, reports Anime News Network.

One Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, a completely overpowered superhero who has grown bored by the absence of challenge in his fight against evil.

For more updates about One Punch Man Season 2, stay tuned!