Are the lads of One Direction dating all of Niall Horan’s crushes on purpose? Are they picking on their second youngest band mate? Or is this just their way of showing playful, brotherly love?

According to Celebs Now, Horan is “unlucky” in love. The girls he fancies all seem to prefer his band mates over him. Even Horan’s former band mate, Zayn Malik, got luckier than him. Horan previously admitted he had a crush on “the blonde one” from Little Mix. That “blonde one,” Perrie Edwards, went on to become Malik’s fiance.


The former One Direction star is not the only one, though. Both Harry Styles and Liam Payne seem to have targeted the girls Horan earlier said he liked.

According to Inquisitr, the lone Irish in the UK-based band previously admitted that he was a “sucker” for Kendall Jenner’s eyes. Jenner did not seem to fancy him back, though. She went on to date Styles.

Meanwhile, in a magazine interview, Horan once admitted that Cheryl Cole is his celeb crush. According to Mail Online, Cole is currently dating Horan’s band mate Payne.

The lads did not all get happy endings with Horan’s crushes, though. Styles and Jenner had a falling out. Edwards and Malik meanwhile have called off their engagement.

Louis Tomlinson is Horan’s only band mate who has not gone after one of his crushes. However, there are rumours that this might not be the case anymore. Tomlinson was spotted hanging out with Edwards after this year’s BRIT Awards. No word as of yet if they are actually an item. Maybe they were just hanging out as friends? Jenner meanwhile was recently spotted on a movie date with another guy in London.

Do you think the lads are doing this on purpose? Or is Horan just unlucky with all the girls he fancies?