One Direction member Louis Tomlinson began his journey to fatherhood last year when news about L.A. Stylist Briana Jungwirth getting pregnant broke. Amidst the unexpected news are the 1D fans who keep insisting that all of the reports were just PR stunts.  Worse, some even said that Tomlinson was not the father. The rumours keep going as it has been reported that baby Freddie Reign Tomlinson’s birth certificate is nothing but a fake.

The malicious accusation just won’t die after the baby’s birth certificate has been tracked down by In Touch, reports Inquistr. Despite the fact that this kind of documents can be “an informational copy available to the public and acquired legally,” the gossip insists that it has been counterfeited or obtained “by nefarious means.”

Clearly, the parents that were listed are Tomlinson and Jungwirth. If the displayed document is real, then there will be no more questions about his fatherhood to Jungwirth’s son.

According to the site, it would be unnecessary to get a fake document as a genuine one can be obtained easily. Hence, the debate about the 1D member being the father should have been resolved.

Tomlinson has been mum about the whole parenting issue and it appears that he chose to be quiet about the rumours until Jungwirth gave birth. The British lad somehow could not contain his happiness when the little boy was born so he shared the happy moment to his followers on Instagram.

However, Tomlinson and Jungwirth’s relationship might only be bonded because of the child because it has been reported recently that the lad is engaged to another woman, as per Daily Star .

An insider revealed on the site that “actress Danielle Campbell is impressed by how seriously Louis is taking his role as a father and keen to take their relationship to the next level.” However, this news is still unconfirmed.