The “One Direction Is Over Party” is currently a top trend on Twitter. But, while 1D fans are mourning over the band’s permanent break-up, Justin Bieber fans decided to speak up too. Are they happy that One Direction is finally over?

The hashtag, #OneDirectionIsOverParty, is one of the hot topics this week. In the past days, #KimExposedTaylorParty and #GottaZayn are among the trends that topped the social media platform. But as Liam Payne finally admitted his solo career, it’s definitely not a party. One even suggested that it’s considered a funeral as One Direction may be over for good.

On the other hand, Beliebers have decided to express their support for One Direction fans. They took to Twitter to cheer up the One Directioners. Some even pointed out that the One Direction – Justin Bieber feud should already come to an end.

Check out One Direction Is Over Party tweets below.

According to Billboard, Liam announced a solo record deal with Capitol Records UK. The 22-year-old singer posted a tweet sharing how he’s excited to “follow the footsteps” of the amazing artists in the record company. Capitol Records UK President Nick Raphael likewise got excited on having Liam Payne on board.

“Capitol Records UK are incredibly excited to be working with Liam. It’s not often you get the chance to sign such a talented and ambitious 22 year old who has already conquered the world,” Raphael said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the news on Liam’s record deal was somehow expected. Last April, his first solo single entitled You apparently leaked on the web. The said song is a collaboartion of Liam Payne, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. Moreover, there were already news suggesting that Liam Payne and Harry Styles even inspired Niall Horan to start his solo career. So far, the band has not released any official statement confirming their hiatus as permanent.

Do you think One Direction is over for good or it’s just temporary? Tell us your thoughts below!