Has One Direction split up for good? Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Harry Styles already signed his first solo album contract. Does this mean he’s leaving the band permanently?

According to HitsDailyDouble, Harry’s new deal landed him $80 million (AU$ 107.5 million). With each album offer priced at $25 million (AU$ 33.6 million), that’s already equivalent to three full albums! Did his new career confirm their rumored split? However, he can go back to the group anytime, right?

In addition, Hollywood Life got a scoop on artists who’ll likely be working with Harry on his new album. Reports mentioned that Sia, Steve Tyler and even his former bandmates.

“At the end of the day, the best idea and the best song wins. And for the songs he doesn’t write himself he would love to collaborate with powerhouses like Sia, Steven Tyler and even the guys from One Direction,” a source revealed to the site.

“He wants every option available to make the best album he can make. He wants it to be the best thing he has ever done!” the source added.

Meanwhile, Mail Online noted that Harry’s terms with Columbia Records is still unknown. The is no definite timeline too, the site wrote. So, 1D fans, you can keep your fingers crossed. There’s still hope for them to reunite. Maybe, take a little more time to wait? Even “X Factor” boss Simon Cowell thinks the same.

“One Direction I don’t think we’ll see as a group for a while now if I’m being honest with you,” he previously said.

At the moment, Harry is also working on his first movie role on “Dunkirk.” The British singer even had his hair cut off just for this role. With this kind of break, there are rumors for him to join possible shows and movies. Last year, Rapper Jay Z admitted he has his eyes set on Harry.

“Harry doesn’t need any help with exposure, everybody in the world knows who he is. But he does need to make the transition from being part of a group to becoming an individual artist. I can get him working with the bigger artists, the biggest producers – and have him as the biggest artist in the world within a year,” he revealed.