#OneDirectionIsOverParty might be trending now but is it really over for One Direction just because Liam Payne signed a solo deal?

Fans worldwide are heartbroken over the recent news. Indeed, many have yet to wrap their heads and hearts around the indefinite hiatus. Now, the announcement of Payne’s record deal with Capitol Records UK could signal the end of One Direction. It is particularly upsetting since he was the one member of the boy band who made it clear it was not a break-up.

Then again, the 1D camp issued no official statement that says One Direction is over. Hence, this could be just a bump in the road as the boys pursue solo projects. As it turns out, they would not be the first band to have its members take on separate careers then reunite. Here are five reasons to remain hopeful that One Direction is not over yet.

1. Queen
Freddie Mercury spent time away from Queen in 1985 to launch a solo career with his debut album Mr. Bad Guy. However, things did not go well for him or the group. Eventually, they reunited and gave fans more of the music they loved up until Mercury’s death in 1991.

2. Interpol
The decision to go solo did not favor singer-guitarist Paul Banks of Interpol. In 2009, he released a solo album under the stage name Julian Plenti. However, its poor performance sent him back to the band after a year, AV Club wrote.

3. Fall Out Boy
Their reunion came after the boys realized their strength as a band as opposed to having solo careers. Their remake of the classic Ghostbusters theme certainly made headlines.

4. Jonas Brothers
In 2010, Nick Jonas bolted from his brothers and went solo with Who I Am. But by 2012, he returned to the fold and reunited with family once again.

5. Backstreet Boys
The 90s boy band vowed never to abandon Backstreet Boys music. Hence, they reunited for a new album.