One Direction fans remain hopeful that the band’s hiatus would end soon. However, it appears they’ll need a bit more patience as news of Liam Payne going on his 1st solo tour in the UK are circulating. Hence, it appears the boys’ plan to pursue their individual interests with fervour.

Liam Payne is reportedly set to hold his first solo tour this summer, Celebs Now wrote. The news comes after his supposed first solo single. But before fans get excited about the news, the publication clarified that the tour is actually for TM88.

The One Direction singer has been hanging out with TM88 while on a break from the band. Due to their association, many assumed the track “You” was Liam Payne’s first solo single. As it turns out, it is by Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa featuring the One Direction singer. TM88 aka Bart Sacii revealed tour plans to the publication. Moreover, he expressed his desire for Payne to join the tour.

“I’m going on tour in the United States in May and then we’re coming overseas in either June or July with Young Thug. Man, I hope we can get Liam out there with us, that’d be crazy. Hopefully, we can link up and he’ll come to the shows and join us,” TM88 said.

TM88 also commended Payne’s character. Given his stature as a member of One Direction, TM88 lauded him for being “super cool and down to earth.” “You think when you meet big pop stars they’ll be all snobby and shit,” TM88 revealed.

News of Payne’s plans to do a solo tour came after reports that Zayn Malik would do the same for his album “Mind of Mine,” OK! wrote. While on a break from One Direction, Liam Payne set up Hampton Music Limited, The Sun reported. The company will handle his solo projects following his decision to work at his songwriting. Jennifer Lopez reportedly hired him to create something she’d love.