Niall Horan has nude selfies? The One Direction member talked about taking selfies in his birthday suit on a recent interview, revealing that nude selfies are “a cringe”.

During his interview on Radio 1, Horan revealed that he has never done any nude selfies, as Mirror reported.

Asked if he ever took images of himself in the mirror while butt naked, the Ireland-native quickly replied “No!”

“Oh no, that is cringe. I definitely don’t have the body for nude selfies,” he explained.

However, an avid fan strongly disagreed:

“DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT #NiallonRadio1,” the fan responded thru Twitter shortly after hearing Horan’s revelation.

During the interview, the 21- year old singer was also faced with an “awkward” moment when Zayn Malik’s departure was brought up on the interview.

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills said that they did not need “the other guy” for the success of their latest single “Drag Me Down.”

“You didn’t need that other guy,” referring to Zayn after congratulating the group.

Horan reportedly “took the joke well and laughed along.”

Zayn Malik left the group last March. As of this moment, he is currently working as a solo artist and signed up for RCA Record, as previous reports revealed.

As the interview continued, Niall also pleaded to the fans and paparazzis to end car chases.

“They’re going fast and it’s quite scary,” he said, as Independent wrote.

“We’ve been chased down the street and on the motorways at 70 miles an hour, and surely that’s not safe… They’re hanging out of windows, stuff like that – at 70 miles an hour, switching lanes.”

He also pleaded to his fans thru his Twitter account: