If there’s one thing we love about One Direction, aside from their oh-so good looks, it would be the way they connect with their fans. And we mean the literal kind. During last week’s 1D concert in California, Liam took a fan’s phone to call up her mom and assure her child’s having a crazy good time.

While performing to a sold out crowd in San Diego on July 9, the four members of One Direction entertained their fans in between singing their biggest hits. At one point, Liam Payne started reading fan signs in the crowd and one sign got his attention the most.

“Text my mom,” the lucky fan’s sign read, to which Liam readily agreed to do. But he didn’t stop there, as soon as the fan handed her phone to Mr. Payne (yes! Liam held the device with his bare hands), the heartthrob decides to call up dear ole’ mom.

Watch video below

The fan’s mother was surprised with the call, uttering “Oh my God!” Liam made sure to let mom know that her daughter in the front row is “having a good time.”

But it seems the parent is a fan of Harry Styles, as she thought she was talking to the 21-year-old. The “Batman” fan of the boy band was quick to clarify the scenario with her though.

“No, I’m Liam,” Payne answered, before adding “It’s alright, we’re all British so we all sound the same to you.”

As One Direction fans may all know though, only three out of the four boys are British — Niall Horan is in fact Irish.

Niall quipped, “Liam, don’t say that”, to which Payne answered “Oh right, you’re Irish. Sorry Niall, I forgot.”

Before things got worse, Liam bid the fan’s mom goodbye before and made sure that “I would have your daughter home safe by about 10 o’ clock.”

Aww, don’t you just love Liam?