One Direction 2015: Harry Styles Stops Entire Concert for 1 Fan [WATCH]


One Direction member Harry Styles has proved that he is one artist who cares for his fans more than anything else and it showed at a recent 1D concert.

As a signature move by the band during their concerts, One Direction is known to serenade fans present at the concert venue who are celebrating their birthdays.

During the band’s recent stop at Manchester for their On The Road Again Tour, an amazing instance occurred.

Harry asked the birthday boys/girls to shout their names and ages out loud so that he could sing the birthday song for them. Unfortunately, out of the three people who announced their names, the 21-year-old singer could only figure out two names clearly, Jamie and Trevor. Harry couldn’t decipher the third name, MTV noted.

The name  Harry couldn’t figure out was that of a young 7-year-old girl wearing glowing bunny ears who seemed quite despondent after the singer couldn’t read her lips despite her efforts.

The fan even attempted to spell her name out using finger signs but it was all in vain as the 1D singer couldn’t figure out the name.

Harry then decided to stop the entire concert and ask the audience to play a game of “telephone”.

“Hoping that each person would correctly pass her name down to him. That’s a bit hard with thousands of people in attendance and the name got a bit lost along the way,” MTV explained.

Alas! This idea didn’t work too.

The singer shouted out all possible combinations to decode the name of the fan, which had stopped the band from starting the event for some time.

He tried Tracy, Liza, Lizzy, Leslie, but the girl nodded “No” to all of them. He even joked about it, “get a better name” he said and continued his vain attempts until another girl from the crowd typed the name “Lexie”on her iphone and held it up the screen.

That’s when Harry Styles finally went ahead to sing the birthday song for all three fans before starting to perform again.

Aww! That’s so sweet, Harry!


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